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Fulbright Thailand has been observing many economic, social and educational developments both in Thailand and the US as it surpassed its 60th anniversary mark.

From what we identified as our key challenge , it is clear that there is a needs for us to have a long-term plan in order for TUSEF to build up its capabilities that will enable it to be with staffs who better respond to globalization and internationalization of education. Fulbright Thailand is confident that it is well-positioned to meet some of these challenges given its strategic advantages.

Therefore, Fulbright Thailand’s overriding objective in the next ten years is to position itself as the premier bi-national scholarship scheme in Thailand.

Strategic Objective:

Supporting Element 1:

The Fulbright Program focuses on developing individual excellence through educational exchange with the aim of increasing understanding between people of different countries and cultures. The program administered by TUSEF has brought immense benefits to both Thailand and the U.S., as well as to the outstanding individuals who receive Fulbright awards, and those come into their circles. Fulbright Thailand aims to grow the Program in size, benefits, and diversity, with the goal of giving more Thais and Americans life-changing exchange opportunities.

The uniqueness of Fulbright scholarships lies in its different experiences that no other scholarships could compare. In addition to the fact that the Fulbright name is recognized worldwide, the prestige of the Program goes beyond monetary award value as it offers both academic experiences and unique cross-cultural and networking opportunities. Visibility will be vital in emphasizing our best brand value, which has to be heightened through various means, from numbers and geographical distribution of awards to different activities that signify the Fulbright’s cross-cultural and leadership strengths with caring spirit.

1. Two key challenges identified by Fulbright Thailand are 1) full participation of principal members in the Board Meeting and 2) Public Awareness bi-national nature of the Program.
2. Fulbright Thailand’s strategic advantages are 1) bi-national support 2) world-wide recognition of the Fulbright Program and 3) world-wide networking

There are three key components to enhancing the Fulbright brand. Firstly, there is a need to strengthen the program's presence in terms of the numbers of awards, the provision of increased monetary grants for graduate studies, and the opportunities offered to the underrepresented. With regard to the numbers of scholarships, this ten-year framework will challenge the efforts of Fulbright Thailand to have higher numbers of awards for four programs, namely, the Open Competition Program, the Thai Visiting Scholar Program for Thai grantees as well as the English Teaching Assistantship Program and American Scholar Program for Americans. Secondly, there is a need to sharpen and align Fulbright Thailand’s brand message via networking activities and public relations. Thirdly, we need to continuously enhance the quality of grant administration by nurturing staff competencies consistent with best practices in grant administration.

Measures :
1. To seek increased funding from main and new sources, including alumni networks
2. To increase the number and monetary value of awards for both Thais and Americans in the four main programs
3. To promote the programs in Thailand with an aim to reach more underrepresented/disadvantaged groups
4. To enhance the “Fulbright Brand” by enhancing the reputation and profiles of Fulbright Thailand Program and its activities

Actions :
1. Seek for funding increase from both Thai and U.S. governments every five years i.e. by 2015 and 2020

The increased budget will result in increased numbers of awards and grant value for the Open Competition Program, English Teaching Assistantship, and U.S. Scholar programs.

2. Implement a strategy to increase the numbers of Thai applications, especially from the underrepresented/disadvantaged groups
- Define targeted institutions/groups, including those under our targeted market segment
- Review targeted market segment every three years

3. Emphasize the prestige of the Fulbright Program as a strategic mechanism that will contribute to institutional strengths and internationalization of education

- Request all Board members to take a proactive role as a Fulbright Ambassador to promote Fulbright Brand in their full capacity in their own circles and to share governance with commissions/similar organizations in the country and the region.
- Highlight the uniqueness of the Fulbright Program, e.g. no strings attached grants, transparency, quality of grant administration, and international networks
- Increase awareness of Fulbright’s work among key audience through the brand of Fulbright
- Implement an annual Fulbright Internationalization Forum (FIF) that will increase public awareness, augment a strong alumni network and a range of Fulbright advocates. Range of activities covers diverse groups from young students to adult learners and professionals. Topics will tailor to fit the targeted groups.
- Share good practices of transparent grant administration and true value of quality exchange programs offered by Fulbright Thailand in traditional forms/forums and new media.
- Cultivate the strong Fulbright spirit of grantees and alumni by engaging them in various activities and new initiatives for long-term loyalty e.g. coordinating with the Thai Embassy in Washington D.C. for the alumni reunion, using alumni chapter in the U.S. as the host of activities, etc.
- Maximize staff competency on systematic grant administration based on accurate information and data combined with knowledge management and more caring services.
- Share lessons learned for grant administration and benchmark with similar organizations as appropriate.
- Employ various communication channels especially new media for the younger generation.

Supporting Element 2 :

As an organization equipped with 60 years of experiences in administering the scholarships, Fulbright Thailand is well-positioned to leverage on its networks, acquired sensitivities relating to cross-cultural matters and international outlook. Tacit and explicit knowledge and experiences available will be utilized to promote debates and awareness in key issues of interest for educational development between agencies/organizations in Thailand and the U.S.

While making efforts on branding, Fulbright Thailand will also undertake activities to develop a stronger public awareness of the unique role and prestige of Fulbright Thailand and its quality networking capacity.

Fulbright Thailand will also contribute to cross-national educational arrangements, acting as a catalyst for personal and organizational development in Thai educational institutions at all levels. We hope to play a more active role both directly and indirectly to inspire people in the academic circle and beyond to develop their leadership and build their cross-cultural understanding.

Our Fulbrighters are selected because of their leadership, openness to other cultures, and their desire to see a better world. Their roles as caring global citizens with significant cross-cultural experiences will be heightened to provide both academic and practical perspectives to the education community and beyond.

Measures :
To become a reference body for internationalization and cross-culture issues, especially within the context of Thai-U.S. education
Actions :
1. Create strategic partnerships with Thai and American organizations with common interests to work in the two countries
- Identify organizations of mutual interest (both academic and business sectors)
- Brainstorm possible joint activities, which will lead to mutual benefits of all parties concerned. Cooperation can be both in financial and/or academic forms.
- Conduct training programs, especially in internationalization and cross-cultural issues for foreign affairs personnel in educational institutions and others with similar interests.
- Co-organize co-host activities like orientation, pre-departure, re-entry programs using expertise of our grantees and alumni
- Create forums to share Fulbright’s best practices, knowledge & experiences of our grantees and alumni
- Engage grantees and alumni in activities promoting cross-cultural awareness and caring.

2. Offer advice and help link institutions/scholars for academic cooperation between Thailand and the U.S.

3. Develop staff’s competencies and networking capabilities relevant to internationalization and cross-cultural exchanges e.g. publications, presentations in international forums, staff training and shadowing programs, etc.


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