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Caring Hearts for Our Soldiers (Dec. 9, 2011)

Caring Hearts for Our Soldiers


By  Ms. Porntip Kanjananiyot


          Being frustrated with the uncertainty of flooding situation – the worst one in Thai history, Fulbright Thailand launched a campaign “Caring Hearts for Our Soldiers” based on the idea of helping those who help us. With limited capacity of only 10 staffs, we sought cooperation from our Fulbright Family and Network around the country.

          While raising fund through every channel possible, we asked 20 host schools of the English Teaching Assistantship Program-ETA in the North and Northeast Thailand to write thank you cards to the soldiers. The cards were included in the ‘Bags of Hearts” together with necessary supplies. Seeing the cards made us smile. Some of them were very original and some were exactly identical (even the names!). Impressively, some of the schools even ran their own fundraising campaigns as a way to teach students about American style of raising fund. 

          We also witnessed ‘caring hearts’ all through the campaign, from Fulbright Family, friends, and networks, who were willing to lend their hands from packing to delivery. Cooperation was received from Thai Wah (the building where we are located) staffs who provide us office space and labor, and from passers-by who stopped just to help us load bags onto the army truck. After all, the campaign turned out to be both fun and memorable.


ข้อเขียนทั้งภาษาไทยและภาษาอังกฤษทุกเรื่องที่นำเสนอโดยมูลนิธิการศึกษาไทย-อเมริกัน (ฟุลไบรท์) ผู้สนใจสามารถจะนำไปใช้ประโยชน์ต่อการเรียนการสอนและกิจกรรมทางการศึกษาที่เกี่ยวข้องได้โดยขอความกรุณาอ้างอิงถึงแหล่งที่มาให้ชัดเจนด้วย


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Caring Hearts for Our Soldiers

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