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Drinkable Happiness (Nov. 3, 2011)

Drinkable Happiness



Porntip Kanjananiyot





Porntip Kanjananiyot shared her happiness on the preparation of the 60th Anniversary celebration of Fulbright Thailand. She was glad to see that the TUSEF team started from dreaming what they wanted to do under the theme, Caring Leaders across Cultures. They then eagerly shared their responsibility without hesitance even though it meant they had to shoulder the double workload.

Strong support came from all directions. At the policy level, the event saw active involvement of the Board of Directors, Thailands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Thai Embassy in Washington D.C., and the US Department of State.

The strength of alumni and current grantees added to Khun Porntips happiness.  Not even one turned her down when she asked for help. For example, almost 30 people were involved in the translation of The Price of Empire. The Award for Princess Sirindhorn, the Alumni Directory, We Learn to Care song, fund-raising in the U.S., and the multimedia presentation were also some others that were completed by  alumni and grantees.  Besides, the Thai Fulbright Alumni Association Committee was kind enough to coordinate the nomination of alumni for the Hall of Fame. 

The 60th Anniversary was seen as an excellent occasion for Fulbrighters and friends, near and far, young and old, to get together in different kinds of activities in four cities in Thailand as well as one in the U.S. Khun Porntip recalled the days when celebration activities were held and how the Fulbright Thailand networks played very meaningful roles, enabling all concerned to have lessons learned and gain the rewarding returns.  She also shared with us how much she was impressed with people she has cooperated with and met!

Khun Porntip and the nine TUSEF staff members were exhausted, tending to the celebration details for over two years. Yet, they were proud to be able to turn their dreams into a delightful reality.

Although she repeatedly used the word happiness, Khun Porntip emphasized that the real happiness was much more than words can tell.



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Drinkable Happiness

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