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Behind the Scene from a MC’s Standpoint (May 10, 2011)

Proadpran Punyabukkana

1996 University Staff Development Program


Dr. Proadpran Punyabukkana, was delighted to be asked to be an MC for the 60th Anniversary’s Symposium.  She did not realize that the assigned task would make her tensed until meeting with Fulbright staff and her co-MC, Dr. Thomas Guadamuz.  After receiving the event’s script, she seriously studied and event tried to memorize it.  Both of the MCs spent some time rehearse together. They even visited the venue the day before the event.  She was thrilled  to see everyone happily preparing for this special occasion. 

On the celebration’s day, Dr. Proadpran nervously reached the conference room very early.  Although incredibly impressed by the ornamentally decorated room, it was, on the other hand, increased her nervousness.  On the stage, it appeared that, the MCs needed to stall for time, waiting for the Princess to complete her program viewing the exhibits. Drs. Proadpran and Thomas followed all the seven extra pages of their scripts they had prepared at the first phase of their MC’s role.  While listening to speeches, especially Princess Sirindhorn’s, Dr. Proadpran couldn’t find any word to express her feelings but felt so proud and delighted to be there as a part of the Fulbright family.

After the Fulbright Caring Leader across Cultures Award was presented to the Princess, both MCs spontaneously carried out their task to keep all the guests in the room while the princess was visiting Fulbright exhibition and interacting with grantees and alumni. Even though it was a bit stressful, the positive feedback Dr. Proadpran received later from the audiences absolutely warmed her heart.

As one of the participants, it was evident to her that the two-year preparation for the 60th Anniversary by the Executive Director Porntip Kanjananiyot and Fulbright staff has been rewarding.  She was so grateful for Fulbright that let her do this important duty and so happy with its achievement until today.


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Behind the Scene from a MC’s Standpoint

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