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It’s Amazing Where Life Takes You! (Dec. 27, 07)

By Thiratee Vongruamlarp

Open Competition, 2007



Born to a tropical climate, never once needs to try to stay warm!


I couldn’t help feeling amazed where life takes me as I was sitting next to a blazing fireplace, wrapped in a down comforter, tucked away in the snow-covered landscape of upstate New York.
Again, I saw myself spending my Christmas holidays with the Berstlers, in Cooperstown, two and a half hours away from Cornell. The family had gone to pick up their daughter from the Toronto airport.


Since I couldn't cross the border over to Canada, I stayed back at the house. All the while, I was trying to keep myself warm. The night before, I fell asleep in front of the TV next to a blazing fireplace. It was warm and cozy. I heard they left the house, didn't pay attention, and went back to sleep.  I woke up again at 7 a.m. because my head and my nose were cold. I looked over to the fireplace and gosh there wasn't any fire. Where has the fire gone to?
Well, it couldn't be too hard to start up the fire, could it? There were tiny bits of coals left after all. Well! was I wrong! There are logs in the house and I tried to stuff them into the fireplace, to no avail!


Brushed up my scientific knowledge (or lack thereof). Fire goes well with Oxygen. OK, I rearranged the log so that there were spaces between them. Brushed up my girl scout skills, paper and small pieces of wood catch fire more easily than logs do…..all right! stuffed papers and small pieces of woods into the fireplace. Finally, I saw something burning but not enough to warm up the room. Fine! I'd stay warm the other way then, walked into the kitchen, made myself a cup of hot chocolate. Five minutes passed. It was not instant hot chocolate we usually had. It was hot chocolate made from hot milk and chocolate fudge, with whipped cream on top. Yummy. Walked back into the living room, and I saw 'fire'… that was great and it was such a relief. Let it be known that this process took about two hours!!!
Now that it started, it was easier to get it going but that meant I would need more logs. There was a stack of logs out at the back of the house. I went outside, picked up some logs, and dried them in front of the fireplace (these logs are snow covered, therefore, damp). For sure, I managed to keep warm all day until they got back around 9 p.m.
At the end of the day, I smelled like fire. (Just like Cinderella, working in front of the fire all day! Where's my prince charming?)
Just amazing where life takes you, isn't it?


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