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Lead to Learn, Learn to Lead.... and More

By Porntip Kanjananiyot, Executive Director
Thailand-U.S. Educational Foundation (Fulbright)

May I first of all, thank TESOL and Thai TESOL for inviting me to be at this closing session to summarize and provide some thoughts at todays TESOL Symposium on Leadership: Initiating and Managing Changes in English Language Teaching.

Morning Session

The morning session saw very lively and striking presentations by the three speakers. They are, I think, a wise choice by the organizers, since the essence given by the three is a great combination of issues on leadership in different dimensions, ranging from the macro-picture through to practical skills and real-life stories.

The first paper on The Ecology of Leadership in TESOL given by Dr. Denise Murray, made me think of a story I heard from my sister this morning. It is about Tsunami, Hippo and Tortoise. The story goes: Because of the tsunami disaster, a baby Hippo was traumatically separated from his mother. He then found a tortoise, and with the help of an ecologist, he landed on the tortoise, whose dark grey color was similar to grownup hippos. Both developed a strong bond. However, the ecologist hoped the baby hippo would eventually befriend a female hippo so that he would be back in his natural environment. 

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Summary of TESOL Symposium on Leadership

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