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‘Obesity in Thailand?: An examination of nutritional data from Thai adolescents living in suburban Bangkok.’

Dr. Lisa Pawloski, Fulbright grantee 2005, conducted research and served as a resource person at the Faculty of Nursing, Thammasat University, as well as undertake special lectures and consultations for other institutions and organizations.


Her project was  ‘Obesity in Thailand?: An examination of nutritional data from Thai adolescents living in suburban Bangkok.’, which is very interesting and useful not only for the   public health circle but also the general public.


The abstract appears below. 


Few studies have examined nutritional data from adolescents living Southeast Asia and relatively none have been done in Thailand.  Thus this study examines anthropometric and dietary behavior data from Thai adolescents living in suburban Bangkok.  Anthropometric data and dietary behavior questionnaires were collected from 500 adolescents ages 10 to 17 years.   Cross-sectional growth data are presented and are compared with U.S. reference data from the National Center for Health Statistics and the CDC.  The findings show that 18.9% of the total sample had BMI-for-age percentiles greater than the 85th percentile.  There were more boys (25.8%) than girls (16.6%) who were had BMI-for-age percentiles above the 85th percentile.  BMI-for-age percentiles were correlated with age for both boys and girls.  A significant (p < .05) negative correlation was found for girls, such that there are fewer overweight girls in secondary school compared to primary school.  No such significance was found for boys.  This trend may reflect the recent economic improvement throughout Thailand specifically in suburban areas such that as the economy has improved in the past 8 years, younger children have become more susceptible to the nutritional consequences of a wealthier economy.  Or, these data may also suggest that body image issues may impact girls more than boys and during later adolescence rather than early adolescence.  Support:  Thailand-U.S. Fulbright Foundation.


ข้อเขียนทั้งภาษาไทยและภาษาอังกฤษทุกเรื่องที่นำเสนอโดยมูลนิธิการศึกษาไทย-อเมริกัน (ฟุลไบรท์) ผู้สนใจสามารถจะนำไปใช้ประโยชน์ต่อการเรียนการสอนและกิจกรรมทางการศึกษาที่เกี่ยวข้องได้โดยขอความกรุณาอ้างอิงถึงแหล่งที่มาให้ชัดเจนด้วย


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